COVID-19 Compliance

Custom Coat is currently and will remain open for service  during the Governors Declaration starting 3-23-2020 for a period of 2 weeks.

This declaration does not apply to us, and we are happy to continue providing services for our commercial and residential clients provided they understand and comply with the following criteria. They are as follows :

If to the extent possible we prefer working in vacant homes and apartments, we understand that that’s not always feasible, in that event the following MUST BE APPLIED

1. Our technicians will not enter any home or residence with 6 or more people in the home at any one time.

2. In the event we do arrive, please observe your distance by allowing our techs to complete their tasks in a timely manner by giving them unimpeded access to the bath where their working ( they may also be going back and forth from their vehicles gathering equipment).

3.There should be absolutely no one either sick , coughing, sneezing, chills, or rising temperatures in the residence, apartment¬† or in general not feeling well prior to our arrival. ( let all work together by minimizing any risks by not wasting anyone”s time.) if someone is not well please call us to reschedule. That goes the same way for our staff , they’ve been instructed to stay home if they feel the need of a potential health issue evolving.

4. All personal items should either be removed out of bath or stowed away by the occupants , so that the tech can begin their work ( I have given all the techs orders to refrain from touching such items, so please take care of them before we come)

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