Post Service Tips

To maintain the longevity and luster of your finish please read the following:

  1. Our recommendation for cleaning products is Scrubbing Bubbles Spray Action Foam and a nylon mesh covered sponge ( chore boy or dobie pads ). Both can be found in cleaning isles at your local supermarket. Do not use products containing bleach as they are caustic. Bleach can burn or wear down the finish on factory tubs as well as your resurfaced unit. A quick rule of thumb – if you wouldn’t use it on your brand new car finish, don’t use it on the tub. Stay away from cleaners using powered grit as they contain crushed pumice. Scrub pads should only be nylon or plastic for soap film or hard water spots. Using a scouring pad will dull your gloss finish.
  2. Hair dyes can also pose a potential problem. The pigments can permanently stain the finish of both factory and your newly resurfaced tub. Avoid using the tub for this, instead use the kitchen sink when possible.
  3. Don’t wash pets in your resurfaced tub. A pet’s claws can scratch the surfaces of your unit.
  4. If your water has left an orange residue on the surface of your tub, sink, toilets, dish washer, ice maker, etc. this is usually caused by iron minerals in your water. Over time, mineral buildup can degrade or scale your surface. If you’ve experienced orange staining, have a salt water conditioner installed to dilute the iron before it causes serious damage to your fixtures.
  5. Avoid using Draino or other liquid drain cleaners as they are caustic and acid based. Long-term exposure to acidic chemicals can eat away the finish of your resurfaced tub as well as your pipes. If you’ve experienced a clog, prefer using a snake or call a plumbing service.
  6. Do not place metal cans directly onto the surface of the tub or pan. Metal such as shaving cans may cause staining or rust rings, the same is true for factory tubs. The metal on those products are not designed to be water resistant.
  7. When working with a service vendor, it is beneficial to both you and them, that they are made aware that the tub has been professional refinished. Instruct any vendor to put down a blanket or a mat to absorb any impacts and protect your unit.
  8. Slow or steady drips of water coming from either the tub spout or shower head can cause serious damage to your surfaces or the surrounding areas. A simple test can be used to determine drips or leaks coming from the spout or shower head. First place a plastic cup, right side up, on the drain. Let sit overnight. If there’s water in the cup, it is very likely you have a drip from the spout. To check the shower head for leaks, tape a latex glove around your shower head. Let sit overnight. If there is water the next morning the you have a drip. It is always better to have these drip issues abated early as they will translate in larger damage and cost issues down the road.

I’m sure theres more things to look out for, but by now you get the message of what were trying to convey. Following these guidelines will help ensure you enjoy your tub or pan surface for years to come.

You can rest assured knowing you have the best product coating in the industry working with you, not against you.

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