Bathtub and Tile Refinishing

The Refinishing Process:

For porcelain and fiberglass bathtub and tile reglazing, the process is the same. First we prep the area by cleaning and masking off the area. We set up a professional exhaust system, usually out of the nearest bedroom window. Then, we apply 6 coats. We add in the non-slip floor. Finally, we caulk the top 3 sides of the tub. 

Dry Time:

Usually 36 to 48 hours (if the humidity is high, it can take longer)

During the dry time cycle:

During the curing time of the refinishing process, do not turn on the water in the area that was resurfaced until it is completely dry ( follow dry times especially during summer and high humidity).

Do not allow any dripping or leaking water to touch the surface while it’s drying. Doing so will compromise the final finish, as well as, possibly voiding your warranty.

Prior to our arrival:

  • Remove the shower curtain or sliding doors and put into another room. 
  • Remove from the bathroom all of your personal belongings, including but not limited to, soaps, shampoos, sponges, toothbrushes, combs, rugs, towels, etc. 
  • Vacuum or sweep the bathroom for dirt, dust, hair, and debris. This helps to minimize the amount of particles flying around during the spray phase.
  • Please read our complete Prior to Service checklist.

Preparing for a Complete Bath Refinishing (Wall Tile Including the Tub): 

  • First the toilet and sink must removed and taken out of the bathroom. This not only ensures a uniform finish but it also gives the technicians complete access to the surface without obstacles. 
  • The grout lines must be filled in completely (with unsanded grout only) Please read more about this in the “Grout” section below.
  • The tiles must be solid and intact on the wall. There can be no loose or bowing tiles as they will fall off the wall during the prep phase. If this happens, we wouldn’t be able to continue the job until they are fixed. 
  • There cannot be any leaking or dripping water from the tub spout and/or shower head. This is very important. Dripping water can and will compromise your finish and possibly void your warranty.


It is very important not to have missing grout prior to having your tiles reglazed. Check thoroughly for spaces gaps or cracks. If you find any, fill them in with unsanded grout only. Allow 24-hours to dry properly. 

By doing this, it will ensure that your grout lines are sealed making your surface impervious to mold and mildew. Failure to do so, prior to the refinish can result in adhesion failure( and possibly void your warranty). It can also soften the board behind your wall making the tiles eventually fall off.

Maintaining your Product:

To ensure the longevity of your finished product, please familiarize yourself with our Post Service Tips.

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