Surface Radiance

What is Surface Radiance?

Surface Radiance is our new flagship product which is a proprietary resin that is specifically formulated for the bathtub refinishing industry. Its high tech molecular bonding resin replicates porcelains toughness and durability in many ways. Best of all it’s safe, (considered a green product, contains no solvents) has little or zero VOC’s, is non-toxic, is odor less and when applied is up to 6 times thicker than traditional spray methods. Bathtub can be used in as little as 24 hours from the time the process is completed.

How does Surface Radiance perform?

Surface Radiance is considered a one and done permanent solution that will not flake, peel, or have and adhesion failure over time like typical refinishing coatings. When our material is applied to cast iron or steel bathtubs, fiberglass bathtubs ( tub basin only no walls)  and or acrylic bathtubs and shower pans, you will never have to consider total replacement, a tub liner ( which will fail over time), or multiple refinishing jobs over the years, all of which are exorbitant costs. You should expect between 15- to 20 years of service life from Surface Radiance.

We are proud and confident in our service performance that we warranty this product for 10 years NO PEELING!

Comparative studies

Our comparative study (as illustrated) shows that a bathtub refinished by  ordinary spray refinishing methods loses approximately 50% of its coatings due to solvent and chemical evaporation, while Surface Radiance retains 100% of its solids that are introduced to the surface substrate, translating to 100% applied to the bathtub surface.

Eco friendly and safe

After years of trying to culminate the ultimate product that meets the criteria of a green product while keeping the a long lasting finish that meets the demands of our clients and is considered compliant to the environment, Surface Radiance has surpassed all of our expectations and we are proud to it introduce to our commercial and residential clients. These coatings are not disruptive in nature meaning, no strong  solvent smells, no dust or particles flying around, and best of all ,nothing to breathe in, when its being applied we will take the utmost care in ensuring a safe and long lasting experience. To learn more about this transforming product ,please call us.

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